30 tube collector

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diagonal view- 30 Heat Pipe Collector
30 Heat Pipe Solar Collector (BL58G-1800-30)

Features: *Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer *Insulation rock wool *Suitable for mains pressure water(working pressure 6 bar) *Corrosion resistant T2 copper pipe in the manifold *All aluminum alloy frame and manifold cover *Stable solar conversion throughout the day *The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water heating system *Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications

Main Specifications:

1) Inner manifold:Copper Pipe Ø35mm x 1mm thickness 2) Vacuum tube: AlN/AIN-SS/CU coating 58-1800mm ,2mm thick 3) Heat pipe:0.6mm thickness ,Ø14mm copper header 4) Outer manifold: Aluminum alloy 1.8 mm thickness 5) insulation:Rock wool or polyurethane(Density≥220kg/m3) 6) Frame:Aluminum alloy 2mm 7) Inlet & outlet:22mm

Mechanical and hydraulic data: Working pressure: 6 bar Maximum working pressure: 0.6Mpa Optimal angle:0~70 degree. Vertical Recommended flow rate:0.1-0.2L/min/tube Maximum flow rate:1L/min/tube Hydraulic connections:copper pipe-nominal φ22mm

Solar Effective Area: 2.4 sq.m

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